In February 2017 Prof. Dr. med. Martin Lacher was team member of a surgical mission in Tanzania.

While news spread  most quickly across the media and social networks in other parts of the world, important information in Ifunda, in southwestern Tanzania, is best spread across the pulpit. In the Sunday service, the pastor had announced that soon a team with German doctors would arrive, afterwards this news spread like wildfire.

On February 4th, 2017  Dr. Gabriel Tewes and Prof. Dr. med. Martin Lacher alongside with a team of six doctors (also including a third pediatric surgeon, an anesthesiologist, an anesthetic nurse, an operating nurse and an instinctive nurse) began their mission in the small clinic of Ifunda. They found long queues of patients in front of the   small building. Some parents had traveled up to 800 kilometers with their children,  to be examined by a German doctor.

The building has two operating theaters, 18 beds and several local nurses and midwives. Until now, there is  still a lack of well-trained doctors. Therefore, the team of visiting surgeons  treated 363 children in two weeks, 64 children were operated on.

It was always a matter of heart to help the children and parents. As a reward, the Germans were given four chickens, a fish and numerous eggs. Of note: A chicken has  immense value in Ifunda, because they produce eggs and can supply people for a long time. A sign of infinite gratitude, the team accompanying Prof. Dr. med. Martin Lacher is deeply aware of.

(Source: WA / Hammer Forum)